Why Send your Child to a Christian School?

What School Can Be!

School can and should be a fun, exciting place to learn and grow!  At HCA we want to do more than provide a safe Christian environment; we want to help parents build disciples and help young people discover the joy and wonder of lives spent for our Lord Jesus Christ!

Biblical Worldview

HCA teachers bring to your child’s classroom a Biblical worldview. In addition to a love for his or her subject, each teacher has accepted Jesus Christ as his/her personal Savior, and models Christ-like attitudes and actions – both inside and outside the classroom. We want our teachers to show a contagious Christianity to your child.

Obedience to our Lord

In simple terms, God has revealed in Scripture how we are to live. Because we are made in God’s image, and are loved by Him,  He knows what’s best for us! The best possible life is one spent loving Him and enjoying obeying His word. Our desire is for our entire student body to enjoy a powerful relationship with Jesus and enjoying submitting to His way!

Impressive Outcomes

Christian schools offer a better level of training.  The annual Standford Achievement Test administered to first- through -eighth grade students shows Christian school students to be seven to thirteen months ahead of the national norm in all subject areas.

HCA is no exception. HCA graduates leave fully prepared for college, and – more importantly – life!

Compelling Value

Given the quality of our faculty, the focus of our mission, the ministry programs, the special electives, and our commitment to excellence, coupled with our low tuition price- we are convinced the Christian family will not find a better value than HCA!