It’s All About the Students!

Children are diverse, but often times school programs by nature are not very flexible.  It’s important for schools today to develop programs for hands-on learning and creativity.  God’s gifts to children take on forms that do not always reveal themselves in the normal classroom setting.

Students have so many options in today’s world.  It is our desire to allow them to discover their gifts and abilities and grow in those talents for the kingdom of God.  While we maintain our commitment to a traditional education, we commit two weeks out of the year to explore new opportunities, cultivate talents, and get in better physical shape, all while enjoying fellowship with classmates.  These electives allow HCA to add new dimensions to our students’ educational experience.

J-Term 2021

Click the link below for our 2021 J-Term Brochure and sign up forms.  Forms are due by Friday, Dec 11th. You will receive your schedule by Wednesday, Dec 16th.

J-Term 2021 Course Offering

Watch our J-Term Promos below.  Check back again to view more as they are produced!