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Mrs. MaryBeth Allen

I am excited to share my passion in worship music with the students at HCA!  Psalm 150:6 states “Let everything that has breath praise the Lord” – That’s ALL of us, whether we consider ourselves talented musically or not.  In my classes we will spend our time simply praising the Lord using what God has given us.   Music is a critical part of a well-rounded education and helps students develop their God given potential.   We will spend time glorifying God through learning the foundations of music such as music theory, music history, and performance skills.


Elementary Music

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Enjoy some of the selections we sing in Music Class!

Our focus and theme right now are the Fruits of the Spirit!


6th – 9th Grade Band:  Mondays, Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays

Practice is required to be the best we can be.    This year in band I am requiring 35 minutes 2x during the week and 35 minutes on the weekend.    During the week they are to practice warmups, scales, selected method book songs and performance songs.  On the weekend, I recommend spending time in worship with 35 minutes by using a Worship or hymn book.      Private lessons are recommended and encouraged.


5th Grade Band: Tuesdays and Thursdays

Practice is required to be the best we can be.   We only have a short time together as a band so this year  I am requiring 35 minutes 3x during the week and 30 minutes during the weekend.   They are to practice warmups, selected method book songs (Essential Elements book 1) and performance songs. Private lessons are recommended and encouraged.

HCA Band Handbook 18-19

How to Practice Flowchart

Band Practice Log