HCA uses FACTS Family Portal to manage student’s grades and schedules online.

The FACTS District Code is HCA-MI.

Parents and students are both encouraged to create accounts to get the latest updates on your child’s grades.  Parents use their current UN & PW they have set up for FACTS Payment Plans/Financial Aid.  Students will follow the directions sent home by email.

For help in using FACTS, please email Mrs. Davidson.

Click here to view the FACTS_Family_Portal Introduction.

Grading Codes used in FACTS Gradebook

You may see these codes in your child’s grades.  These are the definitions for them.
  • MW – Missing Work – Current grade is a zero until the assignment is turned in.
  • TBG – To Be Graded – Teacher has received the student’s work and it is being graded.
  • X – Excused – Student is excused from the assignment.
  • AB – Absent – Student still needs to complete and turn in this assignment.
  • O – Outstanding
  • S – Satisfactory
  • N – Needs Improvement