HCA uses FACTS Family Portal to manage student’s grades and schedules online.

Parents and students are both encouraged to create accounts to get the latest updates on your child’s grades.  Parents use their current UN & PW they have set up for FACTS Payment Plans/Financial Aid.  Students will follow the directions sent home by email.

For help in using FACTS, please email Mrs. Davidson.

Click here to view the FACTS_Family_Portal Introduction.

Grading Codes used in FACTS Gradebook

You may see these codes in your child’s grades.  These are the definitions for them.
  • MW – Missing Work – Current grade is a zero until the assignment is turned in.
  • TBG – To Be Graded – Teacher has received the student’s work and it is being graded.
  • X – Excused – Student is excused from the assignment.
  • AB – Absent – Student still needs to complete and turn in this assignment.
  • O – Outstanding
  • S – Satisfactory
  • N – Needs Improvement