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Welcome to 4th Grade!  The students are given time in class to begin working on their assignments.  If they don’t finish their work, they are expected to take it home and then turn it into the assignment basket first thing in the morning.

 Monday, October 30th


–Read Biography and work on report

–Bible–Psam 139:1-4 (due Thursday ) and Omnipotent wksh

–Spelling –study list /o/ “aw-ough”

–Reading–Song of the Brook chapter 5 wksh

Tuesday, October 31st


–Bible–memorize Psalm 139: 1-4 (due Thursday )

–Spelling–study for test list /o/ “aw-ough”

–Read Biographay work on oral report

–Math–wkbk pg 79-80

Wednesday, November 1st


–Bible–Psalm 139:1-4  (due Thursday) and study for test over “omni’s”

Thursday, November 2nd


Enjoy your long weekend!

Friday, November 3rd


No School!  Enjoy the Break!

Spelling List:

No new words for this week.