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Mr. Alderman

ALWAYS turn your homework in and ALWAYS study for tests and quizzes!

1st Hour

6th Grade English

Monday- Pg. 65, Writing Wrap-up

Tuesday- No Homework

Wednesday- Finish Birthday Card Assignment

Thursday- Finish Word Pyramid Project

Friday- Pg. 67, 1-25 (Complete if not finished in class)

2nd Hour 

7th Grade History

Monday – No Homework

Tuesday – 5.2 Review

Wednesday – No Homework

Thursday – 5.3 Review and STUDY for QUIZ (5.1-5.2)

Friday – Chapter 5 Review

3rd Hour 

7th Grade English

Monday – Literature: Pg. 100, 1-7 (Due Friday); Grammar: Pg. 54, Ex. A and B

Tuesday – No Homework

Wednesday – Pg. 55, Ex. A and B

Thursday – Exercise Pg. 45 and Finish Literature!!!

Friday – Pg. 48, Ex. A

4th Hour 

8th Grade English

Monday – Pg. 42, Ex. D, E, and F

Tuesday – Pg. 43, Ex. G and H

Wednesday – Pg. 44, Ex. A and B

Thursday – Pg. 45, Ex. A and B

Friday – No Homework

5th Hour 

6th Grade History

Monday- Study for QUIZ

Tuesday- AM Pg. 25, School and Family

Wednesday- Read Pg. 34-35, Priest and Religious Beliefs

Thursday- AM Pg. 25, Kings and Government

Friday- No Homework

6th Hour 

8th Grade History

Monday – STUDY for TEST (Ch. 1-3)

Tuesday – No Homework (Test Today)

Wednesday – No HW (No Class)

Thursday – Pg. 49, 1-6

Friday – Pg. 53, 1-7

Health Class

Wednesday –