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ALWAYS turn your homework in and ALWAYS study for tests and quizzes!

Homework Assignments for the week of October 30th, 2017.

1st Hour 

8th Grade English

Monday – Pg. 55, Ex. D

Tuesday – Pg. 56, Ex. A and B

Wednesday – Pg. 58, Ex. A

Thursday – Exercise on Pg. 60

Friday – No School

2nd Hour 

8th Grade History

Monday – Poster Work In Class (No HW)

Tuesday – Poster Work In Class (No HW)

Wednesday – Present Posters (No HW)

Thursday – Notes in Class, Read rest of section (Chapter 8)

Friday – No  School

3rd Hour 

7th Grade History

Monday – 7.3 Review (Start studying for Quiz on Wednesday)

Tuesday – 7.4 Review (Study for Quiz)

Wednesday – No HW

Thursday – 7.5 Review

Friday – No School

4th Hour 

7th Grade Bible

Bible class will rarely have homework. Make sure you have a Bible every day!

5th Hour 

7th Grade English

Monday – Pg. 65, Ex. D

Tuesday – Exercise, Pg. 67

Wednesday – Pg. 69, Ex. A

Thursday – No Class (1/2 Day)

Friday – No School

Health Class


Wednesday –