Re-enrollment Procedures


Returning Families

On Paper

There are two forms that the office must have in hard copy.  Please print and complete these two forms and turn them into the office.


  • Your enrollment fee must be included with the two forms indicated above in order for your enrollment to be complete and your place in grade levels reserved for your child(ren).

Documents Needed to Complete Online Forms

These two forms must be printed, and when completed turned into the office.

Do you need some financial assistance?  Check out this document for more information.

Other Important Information for Enrollment

  • Re-enrollment information and links will be emailed to every family.  Links to all documents and online forms can be found above in the section entitled Enrollment & Re-Enrollment Procedure.  Please review all the documents there.  This online form must be completely filled out and submitted with the total re-enrollment fee (which can be found on the Tuition and Fees Calculation Sheet) and received in the office in order to secure your child(ren)’s placement for 2017 – 2018.  Paper re-enrollment packets may also be requested from the office.
  • Enrollment begins March 6, 2017.
  • Please remember that the total re-enrollment fee (which can be found on the Tuition and Fees Calculation Sheet) must be received in the office in order to secure your child(ren)’s placement for 2017 – 2018.

The Tuition Reduction Program

The Tuition Reduction Program (TRP) is an exciting opportunity for present and future families of Heritage Christian Academy to accumulate tuition credit for current or future students. TRP is operated by volunteer parents and friends of Heritage Christian Academy and is open to anyone who supports Christian Education.

Through this program, participating families order gift certificates from grocery stores and a variety of other businesses. The school purchases bulk quantities of these gift certificates and sells them to the families at face value. The discount received by the school is passed on to the family in the form of a tuition credit. One percent of the discount is retained for operating costs. The discount received through the program’s bulk purchase varies from store to store and therefore the amount of tuition credit also varies.

TRP now offers online ordering.

Two ways to order:
  • paper forms
  • online ordering
Two ways to pay:
  • personal check
  • online electronic banking (PrestoPay)

Enroll today at  Call the office at  372-1400 to obtain the Heritage Christian Academy Kalamazoo enrollment code.

Times to Remember:

  • Family orders (both online and paper) will be collated into Purchase Orders every Tuesday at 3:30pm.
  • Family orders will be available in the school office for pick up no later than the next Tuesday.

Sign up now and start saving!  Any questions can be answered at

Families may enroll in the Tuition Reduction Program at any time during the year. For more information call the HCA office at 269-372-1400.

The following stores offer ceritifcates that are available through TRP at HCA. For a complete listing of participating stores, click on the shop tab at

TRP operates weekly, during the school year and bi-weekly during the summer break. As a member of TRP, each participant is expected to volunteer in some capacity regularly throughout the year.

Who May Participate?

  1. Families who hope to enroll a student at Heritage Christian Academy in the future. You may accumulate tuition credit before your student enrolls. This is ideal for families with preschoolers. If for some reason the child cannot attend, the accrued credit may be transferred to another student’s account, the HCA building fund, or the general fund. No cash refund is available for credit dollars.
  2. Families who currently have a student at Heritage Christian Academy.
  3. Persons who would like to help another family. (Example: Grandparents, neighbors, church family, etc.)
  4. Persons who would be willing to earn credit for the general fund, the building fund, or athletic fund.
  5. Churches interested in accumulating credit for students who attend their church

Training can be provided for a church coordinator allowing for the sale of certificates to church families who do not have a personal family account.

Most certificates have an expiration date that is defined on the certificate and can be used at stores across the country. Participants may receive additional credit by placing orders for relatives or friends. Orders accompanied with non-cash payments need to be turned in on or before each Tuesday. Orders are then processed and certificates are available for pick-up the following Tuesday. It is not necessary for participants to order each week.