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Welcome to the 2nd/3rd Grade Homework Page!


September 21 Kramer Newsletter (click here)

Spelling week of: 9/24

2nd Grade: List 3–FOCUS: vowels and blends

greet     sneeze     breeze     three     spree

wheel     faith        south      blue      clue

quake    spread    thread     weather    feather

3rd Grade: List 103–FOCUS: doubling rules with endings: one syllable words

dimmer    dimly     fitting     fitness    witty    witness

foggy     fogless     sunny    sunless     gladden     gladly

Homework due on Fridays  (write words 3x each on provided homework sheet)

  • Test on — Friday, Sept. 28

Please visit to access spelling lists, games, and activities for fun learning of the weekly words!

Memory Work (week of: September 24)

Review and Memorize: New Testament Books of the Bible

Memory Work DUE: Friday, September 28

Special Classes

Monday: Music, PE (gym shoes!)

Tuesday: Spanish/Computers

Wednesday: Chapel (all invited), iPads

Thursday: Computers/Spanish, Music

Friday: Library (books!)

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • Friday, 9/21 Online Scholastic Book Order DUE
  • Friday, 9/21 Fall Frenzy
  • Saturday, 9/29 Mattress Sale & Scrap Metal Collection
  • Monday, 10/1 Chick-Fil-A Fundraiser 5-8pm

Scholastic Online Book Order (please order online)

Class Code: HZPQK (all caps)   Due: –Friday, Sept. 21