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Welcome to the 2nd Grade Homework Page!


February 2 Kramer Newsletter (click here)

Spelling week of: 2/5

List 19–FOCUS: /long a/ spelled: ea, ei, high, ey

steak     tear     break


their     heir      reindeer     veil


eighteen     sleigh     weight     neighbor


they      obey      convey      hey

  • Homework due on Fridays  (write words 3x each on provided homework sheet)
  • Test on Friday, Feb. 9

Please visit to access spelling lists, games, and activities for fun learning of the weekly words!

Memory Verse (week of: 2/5)

Psalm 138:3

“When I called, you answered me; you made me bold and stouthearted.”

Memory Work DUE: Friday, February 9

Special Classes

Monday: Music

Tuesday: Spanish

Wednesday: Chapel (all invited), iPads

Thursday: Computers, Art, P.E. (shoes!)

Friday: Library (books!)

Upcoming Events/Reminders

  • Speech Meet Practices (in class): Feb. 16, Feb. 20
  • Blue January Book-It Reading Calendar Due: Thursday February 1—-please turn in ASAP!  Only 6 were turned in.
  • Spirit Week: week February 12th.
    • Monday: Pixar Day
    • Tuesday: Lucas Films Day
    • Wednesday: Dreamworks Day
    • Thursday: Disney Day
    • Friday: Blue and White Day
  • Homecoming game is February 16th at KVCC at 7pm. Come support the boy’s basketball team!
  • Speech Meet (In House): Feb. 22

Scholastic Online Book Order –coming home this week!

Class Code: HZPQK (all caps)   Due: Wednesday, Feb. 28