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Mrs. Janke – 3rd Grade

Hi, you will find all the spelling words and tests on my newsletter on this homework page this year.  If you have any questions please feel free to  email me at

Spelling Words 

List three (on spelling city 103) for the week of 9/18

dimmer dimly

fitting  fitness

witty  witness

foggy  fogless

sunny  sunless

gladden gladly

Vocabulary Words:

  1. instant:  a moment of time
  2. represent:  to stand for
  3. harbor:  a place of shelter

Test for the week:

Monday:  none

Tuesday:  none

Wednesday:  none

Thursday:  none

Friday:  Spelling test, Math test


New Testament Books – 9/18-9/29

Special Events:

Pumpkin Day:  October 27