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Mrs. Davidson – Computers

Homework is seldom given in the computer classes.  Work is to be done in class. If a student gets behind because of an absence or other situation, they need to find a way to complete the project.  That could mean taking the work home on a flashdrive and working at home or staying after school and work in the lab to complete the project.

Class Rules and Expectations 2017

1st Hour – 7th Grade

Computer Apps Class

Students will learn Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint.

5th Hour – 8th Grade

Be Web Wise, Study Skills & Career Exploration

Be Web Wise Course Overview 4 Sections

Students will learn how to be safe online.  We will spend nearly a quarter learning how best to study. The last quarter students will explore their interests and skills and careers that interest them.  They will also create a budget for their desired lifestyle and compare it to the income that they could make in a selected career.

7th Hour – 9th Grade

Computer Programming

Students will learn to program using a drop and drag program called Scratch for one semester.  The second semester the students will learn Java Script and HTML in Khan Academy.


Students will learn many things in Yearbook.  Skills include marketing, sales, advertising, image management & manipulation, Photoshop, photography, layout & design, writing, editing, creativity, leadership, time management, and attention to detail, to name just a few!  Students will be encouraged to attend after school Yearbook Work Parties in February and March to meet our deadlines.