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Mrs. Davidson – Computers

Homework is seldom given in the computer classes.  Work is to be done in class. If a student gets behind because of an absence or other situation, they need to find a way to complete the project.  That could mean taking the work home on a flashdrive and working at home or staying after school and work in the lab to complete the project.

Class Rules and Expectations 2017

2018 Photo Contest

Everything you need & need to know about the Photo Contest is right here!

3rd Hour – 8th Grade

Be Web Wise, Study Skills & Career Exploration

Be Web Wise Course Overview 4 Sections

Students will learn how to be safe online.  We will spend nearly a quarter learning how best to study. The last quarter students will explore their interests and skills and careers that interest them.  They will also create a budget for their desired lifestyle and compare it to the income that they could make in a selected career.

Be Web Wise Study Sheet

5th Hour – 9th Grade

Computer Programming

Students will learn to program using a drop and drag program called Scratch for one semester.  The second semester the students will learn Java Script and HTML in Khan Academy.

6th Hour – 7th Grade

Computer Apps Class

Students will learn Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, and Microsoft PowerPoint.


Students will learn many things in Yearbook.  Skills include marketing, sales, advertising, image management & manipulation, Photoshop, photography, layout & design, writing, editing, creativity, leadership, time management, and attention to detail, to name just a few!  Students will be encouraged to attend after school Yearbook Work Parties in February and March to meet our deadlines.