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Mr. Horrocks – 5th Grade

Welcome to 5th grade where we change the world.  (For the better, we hope.)  Here you will find the Homework section up-dated daily.  There is the Quizzes and Tests section indicating expected dates for evaluations.  Finally, the Events section is to inform about special things coming up.


Monday 11/20/17  Math pgs 105-106  Language worksheet 11

Tuesday 11/21/17  Language worksheet 12

Quizzes and Tests

Tuesday 11/21/17 Math quiz AND  Science quiz pgs 175-188   DONE

Wednesday 11/29/17  Spelling test list 12

Thursday 11/30/17  Math test

Friday 12/1/17  History quiz pgs 93-102


Band class meets each Tuesday and Thursday.

5th grade Chapel is Wednesday, 11/29/17

Christmas program 12/7/17