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The HCA Learning Lab

HCA Learning Lab

Overview of our Program

Jean Rus, Academic Support Coordinator

Search and Teach


Educational Therapy ("Discovery")

The Search is a pre-reader screen administered to every Kindergarten student in Ocotber.  It is an indicator as to whether or not intervention (Teach) would be beneficial.  Teach is the early intervention tool intended to prevent early reading failure.  Students attend for 30 minutes, 3x a week.

The Discovery program offers an extensive "therapeutic" one-on-one type of intervention and is designed for students with deficits that cause them extreme frustraion in the classroom/life.  The Discovery therapist imlements numerous individualized techniques which address auditory/visual memory, attention, language, sef-regulation, and  thinking strategies.  The end goal is an efficient thinking and independent lifelong learner.  This is a three hour a week, one-on-one intensive program



Read Naturally


Directed Learning


This program offers one and a half hours per week of concentrated, individual, oral reading practice.  In a supervised lab, up to 5 students are monitored while completing computer guided repeated oral reading practice.  Written prediction, summaries, and measured comprehension skill are a part of this process.  Students in 2nd-8th grades are given this opportunity if, through the pre-screening processs, their scores indicate that intervention would be beneficial.  Once enrolled, students continue their Reading Lab work throughout the academic year.

This very special program is one on one (or very small group) academic support, and is provided tutors both in the classroom and in our Learning Lab.  The specific subjects taught and amount of time spent is determined by our HcA staff and the student's family, after thorough evaluation.  This level of suppport is provided for students with exceptional academic need.

All programs are available for an additional cost.